Education has been the hallmark of human development over the last millennium and has been a catalyst for improving our lives. Ever since the first alphabet was written some 2000 years ago, communities all over the world have strived to discover newer frontiers of knowledge and have progressively shed the darkness of ignorance. Humans have benefited intellectually, socially, financially and emotionally in so many ways that it would be hard to even attempt to quantify the gains. Today our faculties & abilities are at unprecedented levels and we now attempt to answer questions that were unfathomable till just about a few decades ago
Education has evolved considerably since the last few hundred years and more so after the system of institutions such as schools, colleges, universities, etc came into being. Organized study has given a far bigger and better dimension to education, and we are seeing today a rapid growth in the way we learn and deploy our learnings in all aspects of life.
Our Activities
We hold Exhibitions, Award functions  conferences and seminars which is a since initiative to recognize and reward institutions/ Individuals in the education sector.
To educate all stakeholders about quality and the need for enlightening the school education
To recognize equality in education
To value teaching excellence and effective initiatives taken in school education
To encourage and acknolwedge creativity in teachers
To acknowledge and motivate new entrants into school education
To commend the work of NGOs in the field of school education
To welcome innovative initiatives taken by institute in education industry which have impacted the teaching processes
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Award function
Award function on
8th December 2018

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